How to choose an engagement ring

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Taking the Next Step

Okay, you are ready to take the next step, and what a wonderful thing this is!   Becoming engaged is a thrilling and exciting experience for any couple.   You know that the time is right for both of you. And you know that you are meant to be with each other.  But, here is the #1 question, how do you choose an engagement ring?

Presenting your partner with an engagement ring is the loving and symbolic gesture that takes your relationship to the next level. It is the action that tells your beloved and the rest of the world where you are both going!

Call forth all of your love, courage and determination. And “own” all of the joy that you have inside. It is time to choose an engagement ring!

 Look, Listen, Learn…

Begin by visiting your local jeweler or search on-line. Read reviews and ask your friends and family for references. Look at the rings that appear in front of you. Do you like round diamonds, multiple diamonds, heart or princess cut shapes?   Do you prefer white or yellow gold, or platinum?

Spend time asking questions and learning about the importance of the 4 C’s of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Most jewelers are happy to educate and share information with you, even if you are just starting your search.

Take your time looking at diamond engagement rings. Compare price and quality. In most cases, the right ring will jump right out at you. On other occasions, it will surprise you when you least expect it.

Seek and you will find the perfect ring for both of you.   And you will know, that just like your relationship, this is the engagement ring that is meant to be with you!